In my spare time, I watch movies and series. A lot of them. Sometimes I doodle them.Here I compiled all the sketches/doodles of movies I made in a span of ,maybe around 6 years. Not many, but if I have the time and find anything interesting I'll always sketch them. Anyone using letterboxd? Here’s my account, feel free to add me, it’s kinda lonely overthere lol.


movie complong1.jpg
movie complong2.jpg
movie complong3.jpg
movie comp6.jpg


These days I try to spare sometime outside work to practice on faces, headshots or bust, in greyscale/black and white.
Sometime I use photos as reference, sometime just trust wherever the brushstroke and the imagination take me.

Hope by doing this I'll be more aware on values, how to simplify shape more, and anatomy (I'm really sucks at creating good angle on faces).

For more frequent update on this, you can find it on my instagram. Have a nice day to you!



Finally Live


And yes, I finally have a website. So the story goes when I needed a proper place to well organized my work. I like everything properly sorted out.
As a digital artist yes people will find me spend most of my time in front of my PC, but that doesn't mean I'm an expert on it, in fact it's the opposite.
For you who know me personally I am really NOT good with interfaces, tech and stuffs. I got the worst grade at visual basic back in highschool (true story) and when I built my pc I asked my friends for the specs and when they told me it's like hearing an alien language and PC's parts are like ancient artifacts.

I hear about squarespace when Jun from Jun's Kitchen (a man cooking with his cats but magically gives soothing feeling - trust me) mentioned it on one of his videos and a while after there's the Keanu Reeve's standing on a bike ad at superbowl -__-. It's an easy drag and drop !

Long story short I got lost here and there, gave up, dropped it off for awhile, played The Sims, tried again, gave up, excited for Oscars, watched a lot of Netflix, gave it a shot once more, lots of contacting the help services, gave up, felt nostalgic and watched all Back to the Future and Indiana Jones, and at it again (don't judge me).

At least it lives now. Still have technical issues here and there, I'll try to fix it while updating its content in the future. For now it's been an achievement for me lol.

It's like the quest from Pan

It's like the quest from Pan